It’s All About Me…

Being relatively new on the blogging scene, I am eager to sit at the cool kids table. However, I was never one for following the crowd. As it turned out, motherventing has tagged me in this meme. Not wanting to break the rules of the mighty blogosphere, I decided that I had better follow through with convention and answer these questions. Psst, plus it was kind of fun.

If you could go back in time and relive one moment, what would it be?

That would be the flagship ska gig of all time, well, of my time. The band was The Needs, the club was Spanky’s, the city was Sacramento, and the time was summer- circa 1987. I was rockin’ the ska set along with the rest of the original Needs lineup. All the rude boys and girls in Sac-town came out. It was standing room only. We were actually the opening act that night, but the crowd went wild anyway. The guitar player from the headlining band London Down said, “Man, it was like playing after the Beatles.” I kind of felt bad for them, since all the ska kids left after we played. And that was just about everybody. We were just kids, life was much simpler then. We worked so hard- we even ran the band like it was a business. This was one of those moments that taught you how hard work really does pay off. Of course, that was before everything went all to hell…

If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?

I wouldn’t have studied music in college, or at least not just music. I would have worked toward a degree in computer science, maybe minored in music. Then I would have used my expertise to wedge my way into video game music composing, similar to what Tommy Tallarico did. Maybe parley that into doing some scores for television shows. It’s funny how changing just one thing can change everything.

What movie/TV character do you most resemble in personality?

I would say Silent Bob from Kevin Smith’s movies, since I’m so quiet. Silent Bob is the guy who doesn’t say anything for almost the whole movie, then at the end he just goes off and spills the whole truth about whatever was going on. Drops some serious science. Lays everybody out. So, people should want me to be quiet, because otherwise that means something needs to be said– and it’s not always good.

What movie/TV character would you most like to be?

I’d like to say someone who gets into adventures and has the swagger, like Mal Reynolds from Firefly, or Nathan Drake from the Uncharted video game franchise. But I suppose I would really most like to be Special Agent Dale Cooper from David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks.” Cooper never loses his temper. He holds a position of civil authority, yet he is in touch with the spiritual side of things. In the show, he solved the crime by using professional expertise and technique, but also by using risky non-traditional methods. I remember the scene where he and the Bookhouse Boys went to the casino One-Eyed Jack’s. Cooper pulled out a wad of cash he got from the FBI and said, “Whenever I gamble with the company’s stake, I like to bring back a 10-15% return.” It didn’t even occur to him that he could lose. This is someone who is always in control. This is someone who always exceeds expectations. Like a boss.

If you could push one person off a cliff and get away with it, who would it be?

Ann Coulter. “Hey, there’s no birthday party for me up here…” [PUSH]

Name one habit you want to change in yourself.

I was going to say procrastination, but I’ll have to get back to you later on that one.


Describe yourself in one word.




Describe the person who named you in this meme in one word.


Why do you blog? Answer in one sentence.

Because I am compelled to write, and because nobody listens to me in person.

Name at least 3 people to send this meme to, and then inform them.

Cool. So now I pass the torch. Do this meme people- answer these questions, and nobody gets hurt.



11 thoughts on “It’s All About Me…

Add yours

  1. Ahaha awesome. I love finding out random trivia about virtual strangers. I especially like FORCING the virtual strangers to share their random trivia. Oh, the power.
    Good answers. I like that you want to be Dale Cooper, I was so upset at the end of Twin Peaks (SPOILER ALERT) when he turned out to be possessed by the evil guy (crikey I saw it such a long time ago I’m now wondering just what exactly did happen. I remember being upset. I loved Dale Cooper). And I have no idea who Ann Coulter is. And you are not lame.
    Thanks for following through with convention! You are now allowed to sit at the cool kids table. Smiley face.

    1. Dale Cooper was trapped in the Black Lodge at the end of the show, I believe. There was some kind of Doppelganger Cooper in there.
      Ann Coulter is a really annoying political commentator.
      Thanks for including me.

  2. An assignment! Yay! Great post, Jeff. And I can relate to so much of what you said here! I also majored in music and wish I had doubled in computer science. I love Jay and Silent Bob. I appreciate David Lynch. (Although, admittedly, I don’t think I’ve watched Twin Peaks. Not all of it, anyway. But it’s in my Netflix queue.) I wish I was like Mal Reynolds. (I feel more like Jeffrey Beaumont from Blue Velvet.) I loathe Ann Coulter. Loathe.

    Anyway, thanks for the assignment. I’m still working on one from last week that I’d hoped to finish Saturday. Didn’t make the time between the children and the yard. Looks like I’ll be busy during my lunch hour today. šŸ™‚

    Oh, and in my circle, nerds and geeks reign. Somehow I think you’d fit right in at our cool kids’ table. Not to label you or anything.

    1. That reminds me of that show “Freaks and Geeks.” Cool show. Too bad it didn’t last longer. Blue Velvet was freaky but awesome, as is the usual for David Lynch.

  3. Ah, an assignment. finally I get to sit at the table with the big kids. This actually looks kinda fun. Can’t wait to get my answers online. thanks!

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