How Google Made Thousands of Children Cry


Twas a dark day.

Yesterday started out like any typical Monday. The cat woke me up before 5 AM by scratching on everything in my bedroom. My five-year-old woke up an hour later and came downstairs. Wthout so much as a, “Good morning,” she made her usual demand these days.

Rubbing her sleepy eyes, she said in a groggy voice, “I want to watch Stampy.”

The little one always watches a Mr. Stampy Cat video before getting ready for school each day. For the uninitiated, Stampylongnose is the moniker of a young man from England who uploads various Let’s Play videos to his YouTube channel on a daily basis. There are many YouTubers out there who record videos of themselves playing video games with their own running commentaries. These are called Let’s Play videos. Some are instructional, while others are just for fun. Stampy’s Minecraft videos are quite popular with young children. He recently announced his YouTube channel had over 500,000 subscribers.

So I resigned myself to another morning with the Englishman who won’t stop talking. I fired up the Chromecast on my TV and searched for the Stampy YouTube channel on my phone. However, I received an unsettling message, “Error, tap to retry.” I thought maybe it just needed to refresh, so I chose another channel and came back to Stampy. Same error. That’s when the panic set in. Stampy wasn’t available and my five-year-old doesn’t take to changes in her routine very well. However, I was able to get her to settle on something else for the time being, and the day went on as usual.

I was sure it was just a glitch.

I was wrong.

Later that morning, I received a text from my wife saying that apparently Stampy’s YouTube account had been terminated. Unable to believe it, I checked Stampy’s Facebook page, where he stated:

“I just received an email from google stating the my youtube account has been permanently terminated. Google is unable to tell me why my account has been terminated but I can’t appeal. I will fight as hard as I can to get my channel back online.”

I felt like I got kicked in the stomach. No, this couldn’t he happening. This was my daughter’s favorite show. We don’t have a DVR and don’t really watch any normal TV. All she wants to do during TV time is either play Minecraft or watch Stampy videos.

It turns out I wasn’t alone. Stampy had many friends and fans who were appalled by Google’s actions. And Stampy’s friends weren’t going to take this lying down. They answered the call, and instantly mobilized a front that Google would not be able to ignore. As Martin Lawrence said in Bad Boys II, ”Sh*t just got real.” Almost immediately, Stampy’s friend—and helper in many of his Minecraft videos—Amy Lee started a petition at to try and get his YouTube channel reinstated.

“Stampy Longnose / Longhead is a youtuber loved by thousands of children across the world. His channel was taken down by youtube and google with out any reason. Stampy does not deserve this injustice, he has done nothing wrong at all. His popular series ‘Lovely world’ is watched all over the globe with children looking forward to it every week. He is a hero to many, and an amazing person. He has a huge heart. This has shocked the whole community. Please sign this and spread the word! Lets confront youtube and google and demand they bring his videos back! #SaveStampy   xxx Amy Lee33”

By the end of the day, the petition was signed by over 6,000 people.

There were many comments on the petition from concerned parents. One mother wrote, “My daughter has autism and learns visually. She has learnt so much from this channel which has enabled her to play Minecraft and interact with others that also play. She will be bereft.”

Another friend who is featured in many of Stampy’s adventures–iBallasticSquid–posted a video to his own YouTube channel as a call to arms for his followers. He explained the situation and implored everyone to sign the petition. He also started the #SaveStampy hashtag on Twitter. The hashtag was trending most of the day, as many fans chimed in to offer their support. The creator of Minecraft himself, Markus Persson (known to many simply as Notch) tweeted about the situation:

“I don’t have any contacts at youtube, so I can’t help . 😦 “

Back at the homefront, I was worried about what to tell the little one when she got home from kindergarten. This won’t go well, I thought. There were already stories online–through the petition comments and tweets–about parents telling their crying children that Stampy was gone.

By the end of the day, the outpouring of support was too much for Google to ignore. Stampy’s YouTube account was reinstated, though he never found out exactly why it was terminated in the first place. He stated that there were no copyright violations in his posts, and although it appears one video may have been flagged by a viewer as inappropriate, iBallisticSquid explained that he had the same video on his channel and had received no repercussions.

Regardless, as Stampy himself said, if it wasn’t for the huge outpouring of support yesterday, he likely would never have gotten the chance to come back. I’m sure there are thousands of children now relieved that he did get that chance.

In the end all is right with the world, but for a while there, twas a dark day indeed.

90 thoughts on “How Google Made Thousands of Children Cry

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    1. the reason they terminated his channel is because of a copy of his channel that was later terminated for copying his… videos they thought the original was the fake basically.

      1. Yeah and the fake is still out there. His username is the same but with one letter different.

    2. I wish ppl can understand that stampy did not do anything he just likes to make kids days if i had that channel i would tell my mom and dad what happened (cuz im a kid) and I would just fight back like stampy long head and stil make kids days😄😄😄

    1. I feel like I could have written this blog post. My 5 year old daughter starts every day with “can I watch Stampy?” and uses all her screen time to play minecraft or watch stampy or ballistic squid videos!

  1. It was a rough morning in my house, too! My four year old LOVES “Stumpy’s Lubbly World”. I also got her calmed down and off doing something else, but I kept an eye on Stampy’s FB page all day (and signed the petition). We both cheered when Stampy announced that his channel was back. 🙂

  2. My house is the same way. My 8 and 6 year old wake up and right away ask for Stampy. He is part of our morning ritual just like making coffee. Can’t imagine a world without his voice and laugh.

  3. Your blog sums up so much of what I was going through. My son is 6yrs old and has been a stampy fan for a good while. He has a complicated visual impairment and has already had two eye operations. The only thing he smiled and laughed for was Stampy, and he was so brave through his recovery because he thought Stampy would know and be proud of him 🙂 We did good yesterday x

    1. I couldent belive what happend.Stampy-he never swears.I cried as well as my two kids, Crystal and Max. He was terminated.
      I’m happy he’s back up and running.Three cheers for stampy cat!

  4. I’m so glad I did not let my boys watch Stampy yesterday,We had a long day, the crying and drama would have been unbearable they adore Stampy and is part of our bedtime ritual before a book! So happy it’s back! Without them knowing it was gone!

  5. Same at our house. My 9 and 3 year olds were lost for a little while, as was I, because watching Stampy is one of the only things they do nicely together, quietly! I cheered when he was back up before the 3 y.o.’s bedtime video time.

  6. Same here…my daughters both cried and they are 11 and 12…and I have to admit….momma bear kicked in…we were mad and upset that our beloved Stampy was wronged! We HAD to do something! So we listened to squiddy and went to Amy lee and sighned the petition…and tweeted as much as we could and posted to facebook. We just had to help…he has made us laugh and cheered us up everyday…we have watched every video him and his friends have ever made. It was the LEAST we could do for him after all he has done for us. Long live our STampy!!! And he handled it with such Grace and poise….he was hurt and we hurt with him…so glad we got him back! We love you Stamps…<3

  7. I know exactly how you feel about this. My son loves stampy watches the channel everyday before school and afterschool! When we found out the problems we didnt know what to do!

    Needless to say once sorted we where so happy.

    The gentleman whom “savedstampy” was a fellow off twitter who works for google in the UK – if you want to thank him (as I did) his twitter account is @TWiiNSANE_Liam – he is the man who saved the (minecraft) world!!

  8. It was sad. I couldn’t believe it happened. Although I was the first one to know, (even before he posted on Facebook) I could not believe it happened. It all started when I was watching Flower Power last night. I had to go to bed. When I woke up, I continued watching that then it said an error occurred. So, I refreshed the page and it said “This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.”. I was like “No. This didn’t happen.”, then I realized, by going to his channel and watching more videos, it was terminated. When I got home from school eight or so hours later, Stampy announced on his Facebook page that he is back. I watched the video about the accidental termination and I was crying tears of joy.

    1. I was always bord when you were gone. I cried amoust everyday my mom could not stand it at all. but now your back!!! love you

  9. I was crying too cause I can’t watch it I tried it 21 times but it didint work but the next day I can finally watch your videos😸😸😸😸😸😸😸


    -Rain Sis :,(
    P.S. sorry stamps everyone likes you 😦

    1. No it was Simeon who had a fake channel with the exact same videos. He’s still out there too.

  11. stampy has my two year old sister sitting still and giggling up a storm every time we watch him. so glad he is back!

  12. Stampylongnose needs to be taken out to a field and executed. I am a morning caregiver for the most adorable girl in the world, but on the mornings I find her up and online, still in her PJs, outfit not picked out, shoes still in the closet, morning snack not selected and bagged, and the $#*&@! school bus just 10 minutes away – it is just………….AARRRRRGGGHHH!

    She’s glued solidly to the screen, Stampy babbling on endlessly, I pick out an outfit – “Nooooo, that don’t match!” so as I go racing down the hall, thinking she’s right behind me……NOPE! Stampys holding court.

    Next is her shoes. Normally she can put them on and have them tied in 10 seconds. But not when dearest Stampys in town. I’m kneeling over the chair, with my arthritic joints stinging, lacing up her shoes with Stampy squealing in my ears (I guess the first chapter in the No-Talent Hack book is the louder you yell, the funnier it is).

    Then there is breakfast. Right, how hard is preparing a breakfast for an 8 year old child? VERY difficult if you’re competing against Lord Stampy! I’ll ask her what she would like. After two or three repetitions she turns to me and says “toster strudel”. Great, we’re half way there. But before I can even ask her “one or two?” her full attention has returned to the great messiah. So, after announcing twice that her strudel is ready, she comes over to the dining room table “it’s too hot” AND IMMEDIATELY returns to that @&^%$*! computer, not wanting to miss Stampy’s imbecilic giggling.

    Finally, I gain her attention just long enough to stress the bus is just down the street and coming fast, Stampy’s spell is broken, and so begins the frenzied last minute scramble to find everything for school.

    I detest Stampy with a passion that would make his hair turn white if he only knew the ghoulish horrors that I would inflict upon him in a perfect world.

    1. What the heck, maybe if you stopped complaining about your arthritic joints and realized that we dont care about your stupid problems them you could open yours eyes. You haven’t disciplined this child and I feel bad for her, not you. She is learning that it is okay to ignore adults, because you have never told her no. Don’t you dare start saying “oh, yes I have. She just wont listen.” If you dont want people to call you out then maybe you could provide some details in your little drama. But back to the subjest. Stampylonghead doesn’t know you exist and he probably wouldn’t care if he did because you are just another self-consumed hater that doesn’t think. Try this, next school day wake her up and when she asks for Stampy just say “no, if you pay attention to me and do well in school today you can watch Stampy after school. If you don’t though, no Stampy today.” Use him as and advantage and a positive reinforcement. Trust me, this works. My parents told me this and automatically I got ready for achool and I had even a few minutes to spare before my bus came. If you dont think that what I’m saying is true, then just struggle to get that little girl out the door for the next few years.

      1. *Sorry about the grammer issues. I tried my best but no one is perfect.

    2. well, I think your wrong! stampy is a great youtuber that entertains children and maybe even people older who like gaming! if you actually CARE about your daughter,you would want stampy to stay for her enjoyment!

      1. oh me too! I totally agree with you pumpkinandapple stampy is like the best youtuber i have ever seen also finball and squid and amylee and there is so much more and also those guys are stampys friends!

    3. She’s 8 and u treat as if she is 15. I’m 12 and my mum gets my clothes, she wakes me up, she gets my snack and makes my lunch. Every child deserves fun no matter what!

      1. Time you stopped being so selfish and performed some stuff around the house. If you’re really 12, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  13. Hey, look, at first I found it pretty annoying that my 7 year old was doing the same — watching the Stampy videos in the morning before school and a bit in the evenings and weekends. He was also getting pretty heavily into Minecraft, which I bought for him as a reward for achieving some things that were important (he has Aspergers — these things are a big deal). So looking over his shoulder for a while several times, I started getting fascinated with what I was seeing Stampy creating and what he was learning from Stampy and creating on his own. It sort of got me interested in engaging my creative side as well, and having an activity that I could do with him. I’ve gone from finding it annoying to finding the videos amusing and quite entertaining, as well as informative for the person who is looking for ideas, for how things work, and how to make interesting items. I suggest looking at this as an opportunity and a positive thing. I think he’s a good guy who brings a great deal of joy to so many kids (and some adults, too). Just learn better how to manage the kid in the morning. It isn’t really that hard to do — I just set some rules and have no problem most of the time.

  14. I was in tears when I found out Stampy was taken down from Youtube. It sickens me that a company as large as Google thinks that it is okay to do this sort of thing to innocent people that are trying to make a living. Stampylonghead did not deserve this injustice and I am just thankful that one of the brightest highlights in my day makes so many other people happy too. I have gotten my friends to watch his videos and now we all love him. Stampy not only provides me with great ideas but he puts a smile on my face no matter what the circumstances. And for this I would like to thank everyone that also signed that petition to get our favorite cat back on line!

  15. Thank you Amy Lee33 for getting stampy back.I’m jelous of mel.I’m 21 and I’m stampys ex! I love him stampy plz see this

  16. joking. stampy you rule plz add me to the love gardan cos when u get a new dog u always go ahhhhh its a little doggy!
    See ya

  17. STAMPY WOOP WOOP I HOPE HE GETS 10000000000,0000000000000000000000000000000000000

    1. Joeseph Garret AKA Stampy is a kind guy and so is David Spencer AKA Squid They are nice Who would do this?

  18. STAMPY DID NOTHING WRONG. A video was marked and flagged as inapropriot iBallisticSquid had the same video and he didn’t get taken down.
    Its an outrageos thing to do by Google and Youtube. Whoever Got it taken down really needs to stop hurting peoples feelings.
    Who agrees?

  19. Sure, a lot of fluffiness and creativity BUT . . . On the other hand, I’ve seen Stampy cobmine violent acts with whimsical narration. Killing, burning, stabbing etc. Sure, he’s an adult but his audience includes very vulnerable children who may have a hard time recognizing the boundries between virtual and actual reality.

    Not to mention, we are talking about a video game that shreds hours. It is a dangerous combination for young, impressionable minds.

    This article talks about a 5 year old that follows this guy like the pied piper.
    And there he is hacking up other characters in the game with a sword, or burning them alive in lava, as blood and burnt flesh splatter about. Meanwhile he narrates like some kind of whimsical clown.

    C’mon people!! Wake up and smell the iced tea

    1. OMG! You have just said horrible things. Imagine if he said those things about YOU. Wouldn’t you feel hurt? It’s only a game, and let people like what they like. Sheesh, how many jealous haters are there?

    2. You have obviously never played Minecraft. When a player gets hurt in the game the character flashes red for a second and is fine afterward. Furthermore, Stampy doesn’t hack up people with a sword while burning their flesh. Yes, Minecraft can get violent at times, but the purpose of the game is to create. When kids play they choose to play the violent way or the creative way, and I have only seen Stampy play the creative way.

  20. Im 11 but i still like Stampy and his world, I didn’t cry but i was sad to hear this.

  21. My son loves your videos and has made some pics for you so he might be added to your love garden . Do you mind if I sent the pics

      1. I have waited for 2 days man or 3 days !!!!!!!!!!!!!😁😁😁😁😔😔😔😔😔😔😟😟😟😟😟

  22. Stampy & iballisticsquid you should do another show for when both of you get 3000000 subscribers with cake eating contests & swimming contests and invite squids “aunty” there too : ) ❤ please do it! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! & thanks!

  23. I didn’t even know about that day until now! I skipped that EXACT day for watching Stampy and I feel so bad for not helping out but it past so he can still make videos at the same time make everyone happy. I love watching Stampy videos and without them I would be devastated and just completely through a fit.

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  25. i got a rhyme thingy for you stampy! here it goes! stampy is better than anything! rule the world for everything! he built hot buns and me too! i love his videos do you?

  26. Best day of my life!!! I love google for getting rid of that stupid unemployed idiot who is stupid and he can go throw himself in a ditch. Stampy fans are 5-11 year old girls who have no life

  27. Hi stampylonghead I dont want to be rude.But my friend and I want lee bear back in the minecraft xbox video.Please,because you two make a fun character

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