Stay At Home Pa-RANT: Facing The Day

One of the most difficult aspects of being a stay-at-home parent has to be not having time to compose oneself before starting the day. You just don't have time. The day kind of creeps up on you when you're sleeping, then pounces mercilessly. I've talked about hitting the ground running, and it's no joke. It's... Continue Reading →

The Daddy Creed

There is a creed as old as time. Before the Renaissance, earlier than man has taken to the seas, even predating the construction of the great pyramids—mankind has never been without this hallowed canon. Belief has it that tablets containing the venerable words were brought across universe to us from the ancients. Their consummate wisdom... Continue Reading →

Keep Buggering On

Last week was kind of a weird week for us. New to preschool and needing to strengthen her immunity, Piper had gotten sick. And thus we were thrown out of our cool new schedule we had waited so long for. Chores had to get shifted around, projects needed to be put off, yada yada yada... Continue Reading →

Trying Something New

There are days, and there are days. Most days are fine; however, some days the kid screams and whines all day. What you read was, "Oh, some days the kid whines a lot. Huh." No, what I wrote was, "Some days, the kid screams and whines all day." Yesterday, she was hanging on me all... Continue Reading →

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