Top 10 Funny—But Sometimes Disturbing—Search Engine Terms, Part I

This was supposed to be "Meta Week" here at Five Things At Once. I was going to make a big announcement about this Tuesday morning, that this would be a week of posts that would break through the fourth wall and which talk mostly about blogging and writing; but you know what they say about... Continue Reading →

State of the Blog Address

I don't usually like to get "meta;" but since I put so much work into this project, after almost two months it may be time to stop and take a look at the state of the blog. I've attempted to develop sites before, though unsuccessfully. I created Small Doses back in the late 90's. This... Continue Reading →

Grand Theft Bloggo: Part 2

After yesterday's post, I went to Reddit and asked for some help. Between Reddit and Facebook, I received some interesting responses. The Redditors pointed me to, which is the website to use for something like this. You type in the URL of any website, and it gives you the registrant information (assuming the information isn't... Continue Reading →

Grand Theft Bloggo: Part 1

So I get up this morning, do my usual routine. After the morning chores, I checked on my blog, to see the stats and comments that may have come in overnight. I noticed there was a comment in the spam filter. The name of the sender looked a little weird, so I checked out the... Continue Reading →

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